Argos Cíes


Ocean-going freezer trawler, length: 74 m, engine power output: 1 x 3000 kW, for squid fishing off the Falkland Islands.



Supply drinking water for the crew’s consumption, and to feed the transformation plant services with which the ship is equipped.


✔ Gefico reverse osmosis drinking water purification plant, model: AQE-15MV
✔ Gefico thermal evaporator, model: Aquamar AQ-12/16ª
✔ Gefico anti-fouling unit, model: Ionpac IP-3
✔ Gefico mineralising filter, model: RF-1.5
✔ Post-treatment dosing system (Chlorine) 40l
✔ Gefico ultra-violet steriliser, model: UV-6
✔ Heater for AQE-15M