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Sustainable water management: our commitment to the environment

Water: a scarce resource

Many regions on the planet are often subjected to conditions of great water stress, which cause a deterioration of freshwater resources in terms of quantity and quality. This scarcity must be linked to the difficulties that are sometimes encountered to ensure a stable and continuous supply of water, as well as with acceptable minimum levels of quality, especially when it comes to their use for human consumption

Commitment to sustainability

With its equipment for the Land sector, Gefico contributes to the sustainability of the environment, using the greatest of the natural resources available in a controlled and respectful way: seawater, as well as other freshwater resources (aquifers, wells, lakes, rivers, etc.), as a source of freshwater for its essential use for life in sectors such as homes or hotels , among others.

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Hotel Sector
Residential Sector

“We have been collaborating for more than ten years and we have seen how Gefico has developed, the great effort of the Gefico team to improve products, procedures, quality and customer service”

Wojciech Ostrowski – CEO W. Ostrowski Usługi Konsultingowe (Poland)

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