Desalination and drinking water purification plant for a hotel complex


Hotel complexes, especially those that cater for luxury tourism, are facilities with a high demand for water. Among the needs that must be met are those of rooms, kitchen, swimming pools, spas and recreational areas in general, as well as services that require technical water. A reliable supply is a must.
In this project, the client requested a drinking water supply of 1,800 m3/day with very specific quality requirements, using seawater extracted from boreholes in beaches.


✓ Definition of the comprehensive system necessary for the generation of water with the required quality, including all treatment stages.

Design, development and manufacture of all treatment units, including two reverse osmosis desalination trains, each with capacity for the generation of 900 m3/h of fresh water from seawater.

✓ Development of an automatic and centralised control system for the entire treatment plant.



Autonomy in water supply, especially important in a region where the mains water supply is unreliable.

Guarantee of the quality of the water supplied.

Fully autonomous units.