Effluent concentrator for the canning industry


All along the mussel processing line a series of liquid effluents are generated, mainly from the washing and cooking stages. These effluents need to be treated to avoid the environmental impact that this waste would have on the environment in these installations. In this project we work with a consortium of companies in the sector (Project Ecomytilus), which has allowed us to get to grips with the problem and adopt the most appropriate solution for the demands it poses.


✓ Mechanical steam compression evaporator, which makes it possible to work regardless of the availability or otherwise of thermal energy, since the energy necessary for evaporation is supplied to the system through the compressor.

 Processing capacity: 30t/24h.



It enables high quality technical water to be obtained, while significantly reducing the volume of waste.

Concentrated product with valorisation potential.

The technology can also be applied to seawater desalination.