Over 40 years of voyage accompany Gefico in the purification and water treatment industry. A family business that started in 1979, with the firm desire to serve the fishing sector. And that it has made the robustness, simplicity and quality of its equipment a hallmark and prestige of the brand throughout the world.

40 years that have gone a long way: from humbly carving out a niche in the market, to becoming the only auxiliary company in the naval sector, capable of designing and manufacturing desalination solutions through the three main existing technologies: thermal evaporation, reverse osmosis, and evaporation by mechanical vapor compression.

But in Gefico they also know that “past water does not move the mill”. For this reason, they strive every day to continue adding value to their main stakeholders in the maritime sector: shipowners, engineering companies and shipyards. To do this, they work in two directions: investing in research and development of new technologies, and providing a close, fast and efficient service. And this has been what has motivated them to establish themselves directly in the port of Vigo.

Thus, and taking advantage of the existing synergies between various leading brands in the maritime sector, GSV was born, a company with a vocation for service, from whose facilities located on Calle Marqués de Valterra 27, a very complete range of solutions is offered. This includes equipment and products from companies such as Delitek, RWO Veolia, Atlas Incinerators and CJC, among others, in addition to the Aquamar evaporators and Gefico reverse osmosis equipment, already present in most of the Vigo fleet. Likewise, the company has a large stock of CuNi pipes and accessories, to provide fast service to shipyards, essential in repairs and retrofits of ships.


At the head of the GSV team is Ignacio Román, a professional with extensive experience in the maritime sector in the area and a great connoisseur of the portfolio now available. “Our commitment to fishing and aquaculture goes beyond the maritime field. The existing processing industry, such as canneries, fish and shellfish processing companies, etc., require adequate drinking water treatment and wastewater management. For all this, we provide solutions that will improve the efficiency and profitability of the facilities” assures Román.

Vigo is the largest city in Galicia. Its history has always been linked to the sea and fishing. Today, its port is one of the largest and most important in the world in the fishing sector and constitutes a strategic logistics node in the northwest of the peninsula, with an important maritime traffic of all kinds, from cargo ships to cruise ships.

“The growth of Gefico has been very noticeable in recent years, currently allowing us to guarantee a quality service around the world through 60 branches in 49 countries. But we had an outstanding debt with Vigo, a city that has given us so much and to which we now pay our particular tribute. We are very excited about the opening of GSV, from where we hope to contribute our grain of sand to ensuring that fishing continues to be an essential engine for the Galician economy ” says Álvaro Fraguela, Commercial Director of Gefico.

The uncertainty caused by the current pandemic situation has not prevented the opening of this new delegation in the O Berbés area, with the aim of being closer than ever to a market that demands dynamism and proximity. And with the same enthusiasm that the saying conveys: “Finding a good fishing partner is finding a friend for life”.